End of lease cleaning checklist

Rooms and living-room

👉 Vacuum and clean floors
👉 Taking out and sorting waste
👉 Clean mirrors
👉 Cleaning the handles
👉 Surface dusting
👉 Surface cleaning
👉 Nettoyer la saleté des cadres de porte

Toilets and washrooms

👉 Vacuum and clean floors
👉 Empty rubbish bin
👉 Clean mirrors, sinks, shower and tiles
👉 Clean and disinfect the toilet bowl
👉 Cleaning the handles
👉 Disinfection of bathroom accessories
(towel holder, brush holder)
👉 Surface dusting
👉 Cleaning of surfaces and light traces of limescale
👉 Remove cobwebs from ceiling and
from the corners of the walls


👉 Vacuum and clean floors
👉 Clean the sink
👉 Clean the microwave inside and out
👉 Taking out and sorting waste
👉 Clean the outside of kitchen cabinets
👉 Tile cleaning
👉 Surface dusting
👉 Surface cleaning
👉 Intérieur du frigo (extra)
👉 Intérieur des placards de cuisine (extra)
👉 Intérieur du four (extra)

Other extra services

👉 Balcony
👉 Baseboards
👉 Windows
👉 Ecological cleaning
(included if products + material chosen)

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Need help making your apartment look like new and getting your deposit back? Geneva House Cleaners will come to your aid to ensure that the cleaning is done properly and that you can leave your apartment without any hassle. A new life begins for you and we help you start it off on the right foot.

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