Office cleaning in Geneva

Geneva House Cleaners, a company specializing in office cleaning will make your work spaces shine!

Office cleaning in Geneva

Geneva House Cleaners : your office cleaning company

A qualified and efficient cleaning service across a wide range of sectors: commercial, retail, industrial, offices and premises. We are committed to quality and trust. Geneva House Cleaners achieves excellence in partnership with its clients by being proactive and listening to their needs.

In addition, all Geneva House Cleaners employees comply with every applicable safety and hygiene requirements and regulations. We carefully select our cleaners in order to provide you with an impeccable service.

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As a cleaning company, we are committed to your satisfaction by employing the best cleaners on the market.


We can use certified ecological cleaning products at the same price as traditional products. With the same efficiency!


Our team is passionate about cleanliness, and it shows. Nothing is left to chance and our agents are committed to providing you with 5-star service at all times.

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A clean office is essential to maintain a healthy and productive environment for your employees. Your office reflects the environment of your company. A clean office creates a positive impression with your customers. It gives them an impression of your efficiency and professionalism. An unkempt office gives a bad impression to customers and seriously affects employee productivity. 

Geneva House Cleaners provides the best office cleaning service in Geneva. We put at your disposal cleaning agents who are experts in cleaning services that will make your offices shine and leave a good impression on your customers and employees. 

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There is why you should hire an office cleaning service

Did you know that an employee loses an average of nine working days per year due to illness, a large part of which can be attributed to poor hygiene in the workplace.

In addition, 60% of illnesses related to work absences are caught from office equipment.

We all know that colds and flu are contagious. They can be spread when someone around you sneezes or coughs. But germs can also be spread when someone touches a surface or object that has not been properly cleaned or disinfected. Germs can survive for days on inanimate objects. By using the right cleaning techniques, your commercial cleaning company can reduce employee absenteeism. If someone comes into the office with a cold or flu and touches a surface or object, they are spreading their germs without even knowing it.

So how can you stop the spread of germs and reduce absenteeism? By hiring a professional cleaning company to clean and disinfect your office on a regular basis.

The first reason is, that in a clean work environment, you are less likely to be distracted by clutter or extraneous objects. This higher level of concentration allows you to work better.

On the other hand, a lot of time can be wasted searching for documents in a messy office or workspace. In a clean, well-organized office, documents can be found easily and quickly.

Finally, instead of wasting time searching for documents, employees in a clean and orderly office move through their work much more quickly, which promotes long-term profitability.

TheInternational Data Corporation found that untidy workplaces can lose an estimated 2.3 million Swiss francs per year due to lost productivity from lost time searching for documents.

An office that has been cleaned by a cleaning company sends a professional and serious image to your clients and visitors.

As in any industry, technologies in the cleaning industry are constantly evolving. If you don't use the right equipment or supplies, you'll end up spreading dirt and dust from one area to another, or worse, damaging fragile surfaces.

Our cleaners have the right equipment and techniques to remove dust and dirt from areas you can't access yourself. Using cheap or outdated cleaning equipment takes more time, which can significantly increase your costs. Commercial cleaning companies can save you money by giving you the benefit of a modern, so the job can be done quickly and efficiently. 

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