Window cleaning in Geneva

Our window cleaning company puts its know-how at your disposal and leaves your windows and glass surfaces impeccable.

Window cleaning in Geneva
Cleaning and windows maintenance in Geneva

Our cleaning service in Geneva provides professional cleaning services intended to maintain and clean all glass surfaces of any space, such as buildings, shops, offices, flats or houses. In addition to this, we use certified ecological products that are safe for you and your family. 

Our fully trained and experienced cleaners will clean your windows to leave them spotless and clear. Our team uses the most effective tools, detergents and methods on the market to clean windows and glass surfaces. Our services allow you to get the best possible result for your residential property or commercial premises. 

About us

Our company's vision

Quality & satisfaction

As a cleaning company, we are committed to your satisfaction by employing the best cleaners on the market.


We can use certified ecological cleaning products at the same price as traditional products. With the same efficiency!


Our team is passionate about cleanliness, and it shows. Nothing is left to chance and our agents are committed to providing you with 5-star service at all times.

Cleaning of glass surfaces

Geneva House Cleaners puts its expertise at your service by offering an ecological cleaning service for the glass surfaces of your buildings, offices and flats. 

Cleaning your exterior windows is not only a complicated and time-consuming task, but it can even be dangerous, depending on where they are located. Our professionals can help you with this.

We pride ourselves on our window cleaners' attention to detail and discretion. Our reliable and experienced window cleaners will clean your bay windows, verandas and much more. 

Included in your window cleaning

Our window cleaning and maintenance services in Geneva include the cleaning of:

We offer our window cleaning services for:

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